Top fix Wide Packing Tape Dispenser device

Neo bond tape stretcher device which is used to ease the use of packaging tapes,

Product Description


due to the replacement options of the blade and also being a double-edged blade, is a quite unique product of such a device. such that you can loosen the screws on the device to remove the blade and use the other side of it, so you don’t need to buy another tape stretcher device when the previous blade gets old and damaged.

How to use:

To use this product, first put a Neo bond packaging tape inside the special wheel. Then open the blade guard, pass some of the tape from the special path and pull it to the upper edge of the blade. Pay attention that you can adjust the tape hardness, by screwing the screw on the wheel. Now put the device on the desired area and move it. Then pull the tape stretcher’s grip down so the blade cuts the duct tape. Finally, put the blade guard back on to prevent possible damages.

Top fix Wide Packing Tape Dispenser device


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