maple Max Silicone mirror adhesive

Mirror silicon sealant, is a neutral silicon with very high adherence quality, which has a permanent adherence to mirror, color surfaces, metal, wood and chalk.


Product Description

acid-free high viscosity flexible

the ability to glue different types of mirrors with different sizes, without mercury corrosion on the back of the mirror.
How to use:
In order to use this product first clean the back of the mirror from dusts, grease, and other pollutions. Then cut the cartridge head using a cutter and connect the special nuzzle to it. Then, cut the head of the nozzle and put the cartridge inside the Maple max silicon gun. Finally, aim the gun to the designated place and pull the trigger. Pay attention to put space between the glues so the silicon glue gets dried properly and air can flow behind the mirror. now glue the mirror to the desired place and fix it in the desired place using a packaging tape. Finally, you can remove the packaging tapes from the mirror after 24 hours.
Expiry date : Printed on the product cartridge.


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