Maple Max silicone adhesive cleaner spray

Maple Max silicon sealant remover is a one-part product used to remove dried silicon on various pieces.

Product Description

Suitable for cleaning dried silicone adhesives.
Easy use and application
No damage to surfaces or ceramic
removing silicon from the tiles, ceramics, metals, plastic, laminate, aluminum and steel.
How to use:
To use this product, first remove the dried silicon from the surface as much as you can using a proper tool like a cutter. Then, soak the remaining silicon using the Maple Max SILICON SEALANT REMOVER and wait a couple of minutes. Finally, use a towel to remove the remaining silicon. And, if necessary, repeat the act to get the desired outcome.
Expiry date :
Printed on the product can. Keep it in a dry place at a temperature between +5 to +25 degrees Celsius.
Special cases :
The temperatures below 5 ° C will undermine the effectiveness of this product.
Unusable with nylon
Keep it out of children’s reach.


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