Maple Max MDF kit 600 ml

is a two-part product consisting of a liquid glue and activator spray, which is used to rapidly glue pieces together.
A note for users of CA glue
Instead of buying two 400 ml adhesives, you can buy a 600 ml adhesive (containing two 100 g adhesives and a 600 ml spray with double the weight of the 400 ml spray) at a much more reasonable price.


Product Description

high adherence power, easy to use usable on all surface especially hard ones.

usable for different types of stone veneer, all MDF, caoutchouc, rubber and plastic surfaces, etc.
How to use:
In order to use this product, first clean and dry the surface completely.Then, apply the liquid glue to one surface and the activator spray to the other one, and then touch the pieces together and hold for a couple of seconds.
Expiry date :
Printed on the product can. Keep it in a dry place at a temperature between +5 to +25 degrees Celsius.
Special cases :
If it contacts with eyes, it may cause eye irritation.
Prolonged use without proper ventilation may cause indisposition, dizziness and depression.
Keep it out of children’s reach.
Keep it away from direct and indirect heat.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with cold water and seek medical advice.
This glue sticks to the skin quickly.
If the lid is not closed properly, the glue will dry out.


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